About Odyssea Yachting

A word from our founder...

“I have a deep and profound love for the sea. My earliest memories involve the ocean, the shoreline, marine life, and everything around it. There is nothing more exhilarating or beautiful to me than a yacht sailing in harmony with the elements. It’s a dance between man and water choreographed by our inherent desire to find freedom. Some folk will say I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my attention to detail before a sea voyage. For me, it’s a matter of expressing my soul-felt respect for the ocean and its immense power.

Odyssea Yachting is the fruit of my 30 years of experience in the yachting industry. From racing dinghies to preparing for the Olympic Games with the French team; from sailing holidays with my dad to crossing the Atlantic, which I’ve accomplished several times. From deckhand to captain on large catamarans, from looking after my Optimist to running a repair facility, from a water sports shop on the beach in Tobago to running a charter base in Guadeloupe for 8 years; I can say with pride that I have immersed myself in most facets of the sailing industry and my unrivaled enthusiasm continues to grow stronger.

Today, I am at the helm of Odyssea Yachting – an umbrella company for a resourceful network of independent agents who work seamlessly to deliver essential yachting services around the world. We offer yacht sale and purchase, charter brokerage, and a full suite of yacht management provisions, including registration, insurance, financial management, crew placement, safety and compliance administration, as well as technical, logistical, and operational support.

All things considered, Odyssea Yachting is a “one-stop-shop” for discerning luxury yacht enthusiasts who want to invest for personal use, commercial incentive, or both! Our growing fleet of independent yacht owners also provides the perfect oceanic vacation experience for those who wish to indulge in our charter services.”

Franco Sarazin

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish a private alliance of luxury sailing yacht owners who utilize our exclusive suite of management services, so they can enjoy their nautical experience with complete peace of mind.

Our Social Mission

As veteran sailors who have traversed the globe, we have witnessed firsthand the impact of tourism on our only home – Mother Earth and her fragile ecosystem. It compels every single one of us – in the Odyssea family – to keep our respect for the environment at the forefront of our minds in everything we do. It’s more than an obligation, it is intrinsic to how we run our business and conduct ourselves. The yachts we charter are duty-bound to reuse, refill and recycle. We specifically advocate the use of eco-friendly cleaning products, refillable water bottles, reusable grocery bags and food containers, and reef-friendly sun protection. The only non-sailing yachts we promote are powered with electric or hydrogen solutions.


We inspire extraordinary sea voyages. Come join us – let’s explore previously uncharted waters in exotic locations together. Our goal is to enable our growing fleet of owners to experience the feeling of pure joy that emanates from deep within when one discovers secluded beaches off the beaten track or dives into turquoise waters on a cool summer’s day. Whether you want to charter a crewed yacht, own a prized vessel for personal enjoyment, or make a lifestyle investment that generates income, make us your first port of call. 

Trust us, you just don’t need the burdens associated with the administration, maintenance, logistics and operations of a luxury yacht. Well-informed and worry-free is how you should feel as an owner or charter guest. This is our mainstay objective. We hold a perfect image of our clients at the forefront of our minds. We see you in your element, sailing carefree through splashing waves over crystal clear reefs with bottlenose dolphins jumping in your wake. Can you picture it too?

If so, join our Odyssea family. Let us take care of you, your crew, and your treasured vessel. We know how to look after luxury yachts and their owners. We’ll also assist crews with all their shore-side tasks and responsibilities, allowing them to focus exclusively on delivering the ultimate sailing experience for you and your guests.

Our Unique Service Offering

We help our private and exclusive client base to buy and sell luxury sailing yachts. They choose us because our industry knowledge and experience are second to none. It enables us to provide a superior yacht management service and run an elite charter business, creating dream vacations for nautical thrill-seekers. We play where wealth meets water, prosperity is celebrated, and life is enjoyed to its fullest. Come to Odyssea Yachting and experience personal concierge excellence.

We keep yachts ready to sail in immaculate condition with qualified crews on wide-open seas. All that’s missing is you.

Our Team Values

It takes years to recruit, train, qualify, and deploy competent individuals who know how to navigate oceans, sail luxury yachts, look after them responsibly, and host sophisticated owners and their guests. For this reason, cultivating long-lasting relationships with qualified and experienced people in our industry is a business necessity. Building unshakeable trust is a prerequisite for sustainability. It takes shared values and incredible work-ethic to survive in this magnificent nautical game.

Make no mistake, it’s tough to work and live in cramped conditions for extended periods of time. You need patience, self-control, a positive attitude, and a service-orientated nature. It helps to have a good sense of humor too! These are the intrinsic attributes we seek in our staff and network members. They are mandatory because we know the recipe for success in the luxury yachting industry. The vessels are very expensive, but the right people are priceless.

Choose your crew

Over the years, we’ve worked with more than 100 crew members (we trained many of them too!). That’s why we’re able to help you find the perfect match for you and your yacht. Our extended Odyssea family is on stand-by to sail you anywhere, anytime.

And wherever your yacht is located, we’ll have a network member to support your crew with logistic, operational, and technical matters. It’s a huge ocean, but we make the world a smaller place.