Luxury Yacht Charter

Book a luxury yacht charter in some of the most beautiful destinations in the world

Sailing vacations with Odyssea Yachting

We have been providing extravagant sailing vacations to private guests for over 20 years. Our carefully selected fleet of magnificent yachts are lapping in cool ocean waters right now, ready for you to set sail. Meticulously managed, perfectly maintained and expertly crewed, all you need to do is step on board with your loved ones for the holiday of your dreams.

Choose a destination and sail in luxury.


The best way to experience the world is by sailing through it. The horizon awaits you and your family on a luxury yacht charter, with every single breathtaking destination at arm’s length for exploration during these adventures!

Imagine exploring an endless array of sumptuous destinations across the globe all without ever having to leave the deck. With each casually captivating cliffside beach or rugged mountain range just outside reach, there will be no limit as to how much new ground can be explored in one day; that’s what we call freedom at its finest.

Yachts for Charter

Our list of ‘Yachts for Charter‘ is constantly updated to provide our first-time and repeat clients with a wide and exciting range of vessels to choose from. Whether you prefer a monohull, catamaran, or trimaran, we can accommodate you. If you’d like to vacation in the Caribbean, the Pacific, or the Indian Ocean, we can locate you. Perhaps you want to meet new people who are your peers? No problem. We offer cabin rental options too!


Our captain and first mate are on-hand to ensure that you have a vacation of a lifetime.

Sit back and relax, whilst the crew takes care of your every need. You will enjoy being pampered whilst sipping cocktails and watching sunsets in some of the most breathtaking places in the world.