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Embark on a Luxury Greece Yacht Charter and Delight in the Flavors of Europe!

Chartering a crewed yacht in Greece offers the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich cultural experiences of this beautiful country. Not only will you have the chance to explore the ancient ruins of Greece, but you’ll also get to sample some of the most delectable European cuisines in friendly waterside tavernas.

With all-inclusive amenities, your sailing vacation will be nothing short of luxurious. Imagine taking the helm of a stunning chartered yacht and sailing the glistening Mediterranean waters. You’ll be able to enjoy easy line-of-sight exploration through the famous Heptanese Islands or venture to the scattered Saronic Islands for prolonged periods of open-water sailing.

But the real treat is the chance to savor traditional mezé and other delightful European dishes in cozy tavernas. Your Greek sailing vacation will be an unforgettable experience, with every moment filled with this enchanting country’s sights, sounds, and flavors. So book your crewed yacht charter today and indulge in the ultimate Mediterranean adventure!


Please note that weather patterns can vary, and it’s always a good idea to check the local forecast before planning your yacht charter.  The temperatures shown are average temperatures.

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Example Itinerary for Your Greece Yacht Charter

Experience the ultimate luxury on a custom yacht charter tailored just for you! Contact us now to plan your dream itinerary.

This is a sample itinerary that might be altered by the captain depending on weather factors or guests’ requests.

Available Yachts in Greece

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42.00 Ft
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I have a customized Greece yacht charter itinerary?

    Absolutely! An itinerary for your yacht charter in Greece can be tailored to your preferences, including secluded beaches, historical sites, and bustling towns. Speak to one of our Vacation Consultants to personalize your journey

  • Is a luxury yacht charter in Greece suitable for families?

    Yes, a Greece luxury yacht charter offers activities for all ages, from beach excursions to cultural tours, ensuring a memorable experience for the entire family.

  • Are crewed yacht charters available in Greece?

    Yes, a crewed yacht charter in Greece provides a fully staffed yacht, including a skipper and chef, for a truly relaxing and luxurious experience.

  • What culinary experiences can I expect on a Greece yacht charter?

    A Greece yacht charter offers a journey through Greek cuisine, from fresh seafood to traditional Greek dishes, often prepared by your onboard chef using local ingredients.

  • What should I pack for a Greece yacht charter?

    For a Greece yacht charter, pack light clothing, swimwear, sun protection, comfortable footwear, and a light jacket for evenings. Visit our packing tips for a detailed guide.

  • What are some must-visit destinations during a Greece yacht charter?

    A 7-day Greece yacht charter should include visits to Santorini for its stunning sunsets, Mykonos for its vibrant nightlife, and Crete for its rich history. Each island offers a unique experience.

  • Do I need a visa for my Greece yacht charter?

    Visa requirements for a Greece yacht charter depend on your nationality. Most EU citizens do not need a visa, while others may. Always check the latest visa regulations before your trip.

  • What is the best time of year for a Greece yacht charter?

    The ideal time for a Greece yacht charter is between April and October, with the peak season being July and August. During this period, you’ll experience warm weather and favorable sailing conditions.

  • How do I book a Greece yacht charter?

    Booking a Greece yacht charter is easy. Visit our booking page or speak to our Yacht Charter Broker, who can assist you with the process.

  • Are crewed yacht charters available in Greece?

    Yes, a  Greece crewed yacht charter provides a fully staffed yacht, including a skipper and chef, for a truly relaxing and luxurious experience. See our blog for information on how to successfully achieve a 7-day yacht charter.

  • Can I plan a wedding on a Greece yacht charter?

    Absolutely! A Greece yacht charter provides a romantic and unique setting for weddings. Our team can assist in planning your special day on the Mediterranean waters. For more details, speak to our Vacation Consultants.

  • Is Greece a good destination for a wellness retreat on a yacht?

    Greece is an excellent choice for a wellness retreat. A Greece yacht charter offers serene settings, yoga sessions on deck, and the tranquility of the Mediterranean, perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.

  • What is the tipping etiquette on a Greece yacht charter?

    Tipping is customary but not mandatory on a Greece yacht charter. Generally, a gratuity of 10-15% of the charter fee is appreciated for exceptional service. See our guide on Tipping Etiquette.

  • How important is sunscreen on a yacht charter in Greece?

    Sun protection is crucial on a Greece yacht charter. The Mediterranean sun can be strong, so we recommend high SPF sunscreen, hats, and protective clothing. For more tips, visit our sunscreen guide.

  • What are the top attractions in the Mediterranean for a yacht charter?

    The Mediterranean is full of attractions, including the idyllic Greek Islands, historic sites in Athens, and the stunning coastline. Each yacht charter destination offers a unique experience.

  • What is the cost range for a yacht charter in Greece?

    The cost of a yacht charter in Greece varies based on yacht type, duration, and season. Options range from affordable to luxury charters. Contact us for specific pricing and speak to our consultants.

  • Are water sports equipment available on yacht charters in Greece?

    Yes, many of our yacht charters in Greece come equipped with water sports gear like snorkeling sets, paddleboards, kayaks, and other water toys, offering endless fun on the Mediterranean Sea. See our guides on Watersports Experiences and the Best Water Toys on yacht charters.

  • What should I know about safety and medical care during my Greek yacht charter?

    Safety is our priority. All yachts are equipped with safety gear, and our crew is trained in emergency procedures. For specific medical concerns, speak to our Vacation Consultants.

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